How to Get a Job as a Truck Driver in Canada

Despite what appears to be an unusual scarcity, Canada desperately needs truck drivers.
With a small population spread across the world’s second-largest country, immigration is the only way to alleviate the country’s job problems.

Over a million new workers are expected to be added to their economy over the next three years, according to them.

We’ve put up a list of reasons why truck driving is a lucrative profession, as well as instructions on how to get started as a truck driver in Canada.

With 500,000 vacant positions projected in the next five years, your prospects of breaking into this profession as an immigrant are decent if you apply to the correct program.

Because truck drivers in Canada are on average 48 years old, a younger generation of potential residents will have a long career ahead of them as the workforce ages.

We can guide you through the process and help you get permanent residency quickly.

Why consider becoming a truck driver in Canada?

Driving a truck is also a great way to see the beauties of Canadian cities and wildlife. Pass through natural wonders like the Rockies and their surrounding woods and fjords, as well as large towns like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal, all of which require resource movement.

There is also far more social engagement than one might expect. Take advantage of opportunities to work as a team driver, where you may meet and mingle with other truckers from all over the country, or even join up with a spouse to accompany you (and drive) through the stunning scenery.

A long-haul truck driver’s annual income in Canada ranges from $55,000 to $70,000, plus extra benefits (as well as some bonus payments).

In terms of what you can perform as a truck driver, the trucking industry is diversified, which has an impact on the wage scale. As a result, jobs that demand more cross-country travel pay higher and have more perks are recommended.

The voyage varies widely in length, with some taking months and others only a week. You can also discuss how long you want to work and how many vacation days you want each month with your boss.

What Comes Next?

Once you’re familiar with the various schemes, the process of becoming a truck driver in Canada is pretty simple. To be reviewed from the start, you must have a valid driver’s license, as well as a clean driving and criminal past.

You must pass a professional medical examination, undergo training in accordance with Canadian transportation legislation, and pass a written test before you can apply.

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program permits truck drivers who are looking for work in Canada to enter the country and work for a Canadian company. You must have met or be meeting all of the aforementioned conditions before applying.

You will be requested to apply for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program when the employer makes an offer. You’ll need to build an Express Entry profile if you want to immigrate quickly (within 6 months).

You can apply online with a “Expression of Interest” to a specific province in Canada before or while working for a Canadian company on a temporary basis. If you match the criteria, the province will invite you to apply for a provincial nomination through the Provincial Nominee Program. The “Long-Haul Truck Driver Project,” part of the Provincial Nominee Program’s Saskatchewan Expansion, is a provincial subcategory.

Long-haul truck drivers holding a Temporary Foreign Worker Permit are welcome to come to Canada using this route. When you’ve completed the following steps and met the criteria for your chosen province, the province will recommend you for residency (which are subject to change).

This raises your profile’s ranking by 600 points in the Comprehensive Ranking System. These points assist you move up the Express Entry candidate pool, increasing your chances of getting chosen in the following round of candidates.