How To Become A Licensed Security Guard In Canada

As Canada’s population grows, so does the demand for security officers. A valid security license is required to work as a security guard.
Every security guard in Canada must strictly follow the Private Security and Investigative Service Act of 2005’s regulations and code of conduct, which includes carrying a valid license while on duty.

Security guards who violate this provision face up to a year in prison and a C$25,000 fine.

This article will explain and simplify the process of becoming a licensed security guard in Canada.

1. Ensure that you have met all of the requirements:

• You must be at least 18 years old.
• Have a clear criminal record
• Possess a valid work visa
• Permit for Permanent Residency
• Possibility of working in Canada

2. Complete the required basic training, which includes first aid and CPR certification:

Candidates must complete a security guard training course. Applicants can get security training from government-approved security companies.

All basic training must be 40 hours long and include first aid certification. Emergency Level First Aid and Level A CPR are the minimum acceptable levels of first aid training.

Standard First Aid and Level C CPR are the recommended levels. This certification gives you the ability and knowledge to deal with additional emergencies, giving you an advantage over others.

3. Obtain Your Training Completion Certificate:

This number will be issued to you by your provider upon completion of your security program, and you will need it to register for Security Guard Test.

4.Fill out the Guarantor Form:

A guarantor must be someone you’ve known for at least two years and be reachable by phone for verification.

Your guarantor must be able to confirm that the information you provided is correct and true.

If you are unable to find a guarantor who has known you for at least two years, the following individuals can fill out the guarantor form on your behalf.

• Your supervisor
• A licensed Security Guard or Private Investigator Agency Officer
• Judge
• Police Officer
• Accountant
• Professional engineer
• Professor, or administrator at a public college or university
•  Lawyer
• Mayor
• Pastor
•  Pharmacist

5. Sign Up For A Security Guard Test:

The tests consist of 60 multiple-choice questions based on basic training course topics.

Each test takes 75 minutes to complete.
The security test costs $75.15 after tax.

The basic test languages are English and French. Typically, test results are available two days after the test.

If you fail the test, you may retake it as many times as necessary for the full fee.
You can apply for a security guard license If you pass the test

6. Obtain a Security Guard License:

Once you’ve met the prerequisites, you can apply for a Security Guard License Application with the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services in the province where you want to work.

You must supply

• Photographs for passports
• Number of training completions
• Copies of government-issued identification
• guarantor form completed
• You can obtain an application form and guarantor information form from the website of your province’s Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services.

7. Apply for a Security Position.